Press Highlights

Naomi Watts in “The Wolf Hour”

Naomi Watts in “The Wolf Hour”

Miles Robbins & Patrick Schwartzenegger in “Daniel Isn’t Real”

Miles Robbins & Patrick Schwartzenegger in “Daniel Isn’t Real”

Variety Review- “The Wolf Hour” @ Shanghai Film Festival

“And though there are other players, if there is a second lead in this near-single-location, near-one-woman-show, it is probably Kaet McAnneny’s production design, which oozes menace and neglect so viscerally it might as well be ectoplasm.”

Variety Review- “Daniel Isn’t Real @ SXSW”

“The highly accomplished assembly is modestly scaled but first-rate in all departments, with particularly vivid and inventive contributions from the frequently color-saturated photography by DP Lyle Vincent (“Thoroughbreds”) and Kaet McAnneny’s character-revealing production design.”

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Featured Speaker on “Creating Worlds” Panel at sxsw

Kaet participated in a panel discussion about the process of Production Design and how integral it is to the creative filmmaking progress on behalf of the Production Designers Collective.

Guest appearance on “The Unplugged Creative” Podcast

Kaet talks all things Production Design, coming up in indie film in New York as well as her book “Boobs Gone Rogue”.

Guest appearance on “The Aceys” Podcast

Host Emily Lutzker & guests Production Designer Kaet McAnneny & Film Producer Miranda Guzman talk about challenges for women working in the arts, the fun of period pieces, shooting in Mexico, & Kaet’s new memoir about her journey through breast cancer, Boobs Gone Rogue.