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Kaet McAnneny

US +1-732-713-3205     UK +44 (0)7490 402637

IATSE USA Local 829        BECTU


Film/TV/Commercial (US) contact Tara Kromer at Gersh  Tel: +1-212-634-8114

Film/TV/Commercial (UK) contact Lee Hickman at Wizzo&Co.  Tel: +44 (0) 20 7437 2055

Curriculum Vitae

Production Design - Film/ TV:

Lockdown (2019): Short Film., Dir. Sirad Balducci, for

Hide & Seek (2019): Feature Film, Dir. Joel David Moore, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Daniel Isn't Real (2018): Feature Film, Dir. Adam Egypt Mortimer, Producer Elijah Wood.

Casanova (2018): UK unit, Feature Film, Dir. Benoit Jaqcuot, Les Films du Lendemain

The Wolf Hour (2017): Feature Film, Dir. Banks Griffin, starring Naomi Watts.

Hidden Man (2017):  US Unit, Feature Film, Director Jiang Wen, Warner Brothers.

Saturday Night Live Season 42: (2016-2017) Episodes 1-13, Beast Film Unit,  Dir. Paul Briganti

The Super (2016): Feature Film, Dir. Stephan Rick, EP Dick Wolf.

Crown Heights (2016) Feature Film, Dir. Matt Ruskin

37 (2015) Feature Film, Dir. Puk Gratsen

The Lennon Report (2014) Feature Film, Dir. Jeremy Profe

Life of An Actress (2013) Feature Film, Dir. Paul Chau

Generation Iron (2013) Documentary Feature, Dir. Vlad Yudin

Blue Ruin (2013) Feature Film, Dir. Jeremy Saulnier

Never To Be (2012) Short Film, Dir. Ivy Yu

House of Another (2012) Feature Film, Dir. Alex Smolowe

I Married The Mob (2011) TVSeries Season 1 Discovery Channel ID, Kaufman Films

Art Machine (2011) Feature Film, Dir. Doug Karr

 Silver Tongues (2010) Feature Film, Dir. Simon Arthur

Brooklyn Shakara (2009) TV Series Ep.1, VOX England, Dir. Femi Agbayewa

The Camera’s Eye (2009) Feature Film, Dir. Wendy Shear

Lorimer (2009) Short film, Dir. Michael Lannan


Production Design - Commercial:

Boo Hoo "All Girls" Campaign UK (2017) Commercial, Dir. Elisha Smith-Leverock

MTV: "My Super Sweet 16" (2017) Commercial, Dir. Anna McDonald

Pace Salsa: "Taco Tuesday" (2016) Commercial, Dir. Isaac Ravishankara 

MiraFiber: "Uncomfortable" (2016) Commercial, Dir. Damien Toogood.

Budweiser: Sleek (2016) Commercial, Chinese Market, Dir. Patrick Cummings

Canon: It's a Snap (2016) stop motion campaign, Dir. Eriq Witties

Ponds Rejuveness Cream (2015) Commercial, Dir. Poppy Gordon

Mastercard (2014) Masterpass Viral Campaign, R/GA Media

Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara (2012) "Mascara makeover" Viral Campaign

Dr. Scholl's Active Inserts (2012) Commercial Campaign, Dir. Adam Donald


Art Direction - Film/TV:

Bastards of Young(2011) Feature Film, Dir. Josiah Signor

Lighthouse with a View (2011) Feature Film, Network Movie Germany, Dir. John Delbridge

Happiness is a Horse (2011) Feature Film, Network Movie Germany, Dir. Helmut Metzger

Diagnosis Love (2011) Feature Film, Network Movie Germany, Dir. Helmut Metzger

30 Beats (2009) Feature Film,  Theatrical Release France, Dir. Alexis Lloyd

The Last Kung Fu Monk (2009) Feature Film, Dir. Li Zhang

The David Dance (2009) Feature Film, Dir. Aprill Winney


Art Direction - Commercial:

Ritz Cracker "Easy" Campaign (2016) 30 second TV spot & viral, Pudding Boy Productions.

Amazon- "Metamorphosis" video components (2016) E book, M ss ng P eces.

Lancôme Miracle Cushion (2015) Viral Campaign, Firstborn Agency.

Lowes (2014) "DIY Instagram" Campaign, Deacon Media

SK Energy Drink (2014) "Better way" Campaigns Dir. Chris Clarke

Klondike Kandy Bar (2014) Live Action Campaign. Dir. Payman Benz.

Toyota/Spike TV (2012) "True Dads" Commercial Campaign, Dir. Ira Rosenweig

Skills & Kit: 

Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa active in the United Kingdom

Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchup, Layout, Podium & MS Office.  Kit Rental Available, including power tools and scenic supplies. Intermediate French.

References: Available Upon Request